Eat Me Alive

by Pretty Cruel

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released October 13, 2017

Tracked & Mixed at Kersley Road Studio.
Produced by Robbie Carlyon & Pretty Cruel.
Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege.
Artwork by Gene Montgomery.


all rights reserved



Pretty Cruel Brisbane, Australia

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Track Name: Hellbent
Hey mate, its getting hard to breathe
with all, of this hypocrisy
It’s getting hard to be content with mediocrity
When you all make me fucking sick
Have you ever woke up and felt like this life just wasn’t enough
I already gathered that much, you got that look on your face like you’ve been doing it rough man
And i wish i could talk,
but there’s a million other men who’ve walked the walk that i’ve walked
You’re all alone a rock
it only gets bigger the harder you look
Burning bridges just to say you could
Burn it for firewood
I feel these false attractions and resultant ignorance
will be the thing that ails you, that brings you to your end
When everything seems convoluted
when your world begins to bend
maybe you’ll see right through me
and maybe we could make amends
Hey mate, is it so hard to see
that you’re living on your knees
Maybe it’s easier with ignorant security
But you still make me fucking sick
Track Name: Tracks
Lately I’ve been running in circles
making tracks around my head
left me here with all your secrets
better of stranded left for dead
left for dead
I’ll be the one to tell you
No one gets a second chance
How can a child be so damn defiant
without a single misdirection
The story of the savior, it’s getting old
I’ll be the one to tell you the story’s never as it’s told
When my colours start to run
Will you still be my only one?
Cause despite all the things i’ve done
I don’t mind the sight of my own reflection
I see you right there staring at me
With that shimmer in your eyes like you couldn’t believe it
When my colours start to run
Will you still be my only one?
Cause despite all the things i’ve done
I don’t mind the sight of my own reflection
Track Name: Pivot
I can feel it at my centre
Something is changing
Who ever thought that giving up could feel so amazing
I think I’ve been waiting for so long for something to change in my life
Maybe if we lean we close enough I can finally get it right
I think I’ve come around
I can settle down
Everyone into the centre
I feel it closing in
Earth will crush you, If you let her
So time to make amends
You know that I’ve waited for so long
for you to get into my life
Maybe if you lean in close enough
This time we could finally get it right
Track Name: Spirals
If i don’t make the best of this
I’ll be sure to learn a lesson from it
Well I could only hope
yeah but everything's directionless
What a joke man, what a twist
I think I’ll just let go
Calm down man just for a moment
you’re not the only one who feels broken
Calm down man, it’s nearly over
maybe you’ll understand when you’re older
when you’re older
You’re staring back at me
With those eyes I
can’t believe
Can’t believe it.
You’re staring back at me
with those eyes i can’t believe it
It’s no mystery
that the world can shift beneath your feet.
Track Name: Spiritus
There he stood
At the edge of the earth
With not a minute but a second
To decide who he was
But he felt nothing
Barely needed to breathe
Then he turned around to stare at me
And started to scream

I got no soul

Hey man do you think about death?
Or the thought that hits you on your final breath?
Sometimes I feel to live inside your head
Is just a one-way ticket to dying with regrets.

You cowards, sure are talking a lot
Better off saying nothing
You cowards, when your guts in a knot
Better hold onto something

I see you
Staring back at me
He barely
Needed to breathe
Track Name: Quiet Places
Woke up feeling distant again
Can’t look em’ in the eyes
Even your best friends
Put it down to cause and effect
But the latter doesn’t matter
with mental gymnastics
Let’s throw down some medicine
Before the never-ending river of guilt flows in
If every night ends up the same
does it really even matter if you wake up again mate?
I’ve found a quiet place
I’ll be sure to show you someday
I’ve found a better way
I’ll be sure to show you someday
Hold the bridge
Stop the show
I’m losing sight of everything i know
I’m breaking out down underneath
I feel it in my arteries
This emptiness is killing me

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